Teodora Spasova - a franchise partner from Svishtov

Introducing Teodora Spasova, a franchise partner at SmartyKids Svishtov, Bulgaria.

Teodora is a veteran teacher of information technology, various computer sciences, and mathematics, with nearly 30 years of experience teaching.

Soon, she turns a new page in her life by deciding to leave her job. Not long after, fate introduces her to SmartyKids, presenting her with the opportunity to open the first children’s educational center, as a franchisee of SmartyKids, in the city.

For her, the children’s center is both a dream and primarily a cause.

She has a strong desire to retain more young families in Svishtov, which she describes as “suffering from depopulation over the last decade.” In an interview with BTA, Teodora shares that Svishtov has long needed a place that gives curious children the opportunity to engage in additional scientific activities.

Thus, her dream becomes a reality, and SmartyKids Svishtov opens its doors on September 29, 2023, with 40 children enrolled in just the first week!




In an interview with our team, Teodora shared her impressions of SmartyKids and her ambitions related to the development of the center:

What are your first impressions of SmartyKids?

“From the very first exploratory conversation with Dayan Ilieva, I felt that SmartyKids was a serious brand and that the people associated with it were reliable—punctual! Since then, my impressions have been reaffirmed every day—I find support and answers to every question that arises. I know I can fully rely on the team and colleagues from other centers. I feel cared for, which gives me even more confidence and self-esteem in my work.”

How did you choose SmartyKids for your business?

“Actually, the business found me. I had just left the school where I had been teaching for nearly 30 years when the SmartyKids franchise ad popped up on social media. Subconsciously, I felt that this was for me, that nothing happens by chance, and that if I didn’t seize the opportunity immediately, I would miss the moment. I felt an incredible surge of new energy and enthusiasm and started acting decisively to realize the idea, knowing I was doing something beneficial not just for myself but for the children of the city and the municipality. I received incredible support from my family, the public, and my former students, for which I am extremely grateful!”

What are your goals related to the SmartyKids center?

“My main goal is quite global—to give parents in the municipality another opportunity for their children’s development, which could retain more young families in Svishtov, which has been suffering from depopulation over the last decade. In connection with my personal business, I want to rely on a stable and respected team, with which we can help curious children to develop more fully, acquire stronger logic, and develop a love for science in general.”


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