Dear friends, we are proud to announce another success of our Smarties.

On 1-2 November 2022, the “ISMA INTERNATIONAL and Guests” Mental Arithmetic Championship was held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

A total of 91 children from 9 different countries took part in the competition – изброяваш държавите – SmartyKids was represented by 6 children and 2 teachers from Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian consul, Mr. Petar Petkov, specially congratulated the Bulgarian participants in Kazakhstan and wished the children success. After the competition, he gave gifts to the children and invited them to visit the Embassy.

All of the children and their teachers were grouped into 8 categories by age and level of complexity of the tasks.

Our Smarties who participated in the competition won the following titles:

1 “Champion of Champions” prize, 1 child won the “Champion” prize, 2 children returned with first place medals and 2 children returned with second place medals.

Once again, our graduates show that their skills and talent are world-class and they will have many more international achievements!

Congratulations to all of the children for their outstanding performance, and congratulations to their teachers and their parents!

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