uamap 2022

Friends, we are happy to share with you a piece of great news.

International Online Mental Arithmetic Olympiad called UAMAP was held on March 19, 2022.

The competition was organized by the International Association of Mental Arithmetic and welcomed more than 900 participants, 262 of them (teachers and children) representing 19 SmartyKids centers in Bulgaria.

The Smarties from Bulgaria competed with kids from 7 other countries – Germany, the USA, Estonia, Cyprus, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Russia, and their performance was more than great!

The titles won stand as follows:

🏆7 championship titles
🥇32 first places
🥈58-second places
🥉165 third places

We thank the participants and their teachers for the brilliant performance.

We wish them many more international triumphs!

We are looking forward to the Bulgarian International SmartyKids Olympiad! Expect more information about it soon. ✌️

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