🏆Friends, we are happy to share a piece of great news with you!

The International Olympiad in Mental Arithmetic 2022, organized by Academy IQ, was held on June 25 and 26 in Antalya, Turkiye. 13 SmartyKids students from Bulgaria competed with over 140 participants from nearly 14 countries (including Turkey, France, Germany, USA, Belgium, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, and others).

The competition took part in 2 stages of 3 minutes, for which the children had to solve more than 200 examples.


Our Smarties from Bulgaria performed more than brilliantly and won the following titles:

🏆1 Super Champion Title
🎖2 Champion Titles
🥇5 medals for 1st place
🥈5 medals for 2nd place

We would like to thank the participants and their teachers for the brilliant performance!

We wish them many more international triumphs!

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