Once again, our children demonstrate that the skills and talents of SmartyKids’ students are at a world-class level.



We are delighted to share the success of our SmartyKids students from Bulgaria and Romania who participated in the Worldwide Mental Arithmetic Competition Wamas organized by ISMA.



The competition took place on July 5th and 6th, 2023, in Antalya, Turkey, with 8 children from SmartyKids Bulgaria and 40 children from SmartyKids Romania participating.

Our Smarties competed against 390 children from 18 countries, including Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Iran, Russia, UAE, and others.



The competition lasted for 10 minutes, during which the children had to solve between 240 and 260 problems, tailored to the complexity level and age of the participants.

The result – each of the 48 participants in the competition brought home a medal or championship title!

Here are the achieved titles: ⤵️



🇧🇬The SmartyKids Bulgaria team returned with:

one 🏆🏆”Super Champion” title, 5 🏆”Champion” titles, one title for🥈2nd place and one title for 🥉3rd place.

🇷🇴The SmartyKids Romania team achieved:

2 🏆🏆”Super Champion” titles

7 🏆”Champion” titles

10 🥇1st place medal

11 medals for🥈2nd place

and 10 medals for 🥉3rd place



We thank the participants and their teachers for the wonderful representation in the competition.

We wish you many more international successes!

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