SmartyKids franchise represents an innovation in the private children education business.

For less than 5 years, the international brand successfully launched more than 350 centers in 8 countries.

Even during these challenging times, the company’s growth is unconditional. Thanks to the attractive terms and flexibility, more and more teachers and entrepreneurs who want to start their own children education business turn to SmartyKids for partnership.

The company managed to prove that the business model works successfully and profitably not only in larger cities (with over 100,000 people), as well as in small towns (less than 10,000 people). Currently, the brand is looking for partners all over Europe.

The benefits of the SmartyKids franchise business model:

– Small franchise and monthly royalty fees. Most franchises require big fees, while many people can afford to start SmartyKids center by themselves – they open their centers with just their savings, without having to turn to the banks for investments.

– Full business training for each partner – how to find the perfect space for opening the center, how to design it, how to use marketing to attract customers. Our team of professionals will walk you through the entire process.

– Full methodology training – whether the new partner wants to be the teacher or will hire someone else, we have a step-by-step training program. At the end, every teacher should pass an exam in order to become certified SmartyKids teacher.

– Design – our designers’ team will help you with the brochures, the interior, all marketing materials including social media posts and everything for your best advertising campaign.

– Additionally, we have developed our own online platform – SmartyKids Universe. It is based on games and each child can have fun while doing their homework.

– Innovative gamification – By visiting 1 free class, each child is invited to join an amazing journey with our main character – Smarty (“the first student of SmartyKids”). Through many challenges the kids learn how to calculate using the ancient tool Abacus and after that – do so mentally.

– The methodology is also adapted for distance learning – children can study from home, as long as they have a laptop with camera and microphone and internet access. Now, new partners don’t even have to pay rent for physical center – they can teach from their homes during the current situation.

After introducing and implementing Mental Arithmetic courses, the brand developed 2 new courses for the centers. Speed Reading and Financial Literacy for kids.

They also use gamification strategies. So nothing in SmartyKids gets boring, kids just can’t wait for the next class.

“People already know and trust us in the countries which we have offices in – the company representative says. But here comes the other moment: The connection between the timing, the risk and the opportunities. Those who invested let’s say “risky” in the beginning, without really seeing the true potential (except with examples from other countries), had the opportunity to choose any region throughout their country. And be among the first to succeed. Some potential partners missed a deal with SmartyKids because of a 1-day delay. We had so many potential partners willing to open centers in certain areas! Now, there are only few places available in part of the countries, that success motivated us to focus on new horizons and new countries.”

SmartyKids professionals measure and monitor the process of development of higher mental functions in children. An individual education plan is followed for each child. The basis is not the competition with others, but the competition with yourself. Education through inspiration, thanks to mental arithmetic classes!

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