SmartyKids students performed just amazing competing in mental arithmetic with more than 550 children from 20 countries around the globe!

In the up to 7 years old category we have not just one, but 3 champions from our European education centers! All three showed a score of over 90% of the absolute possible score of the 2020 SAMA Global Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Online Competition. This brought great championship title for SmartyKids!

From Bulgaria:
In the 8 to 9 years old category we also have a championship performance – 4 champions in total.
And also 5 silver and 11 copper medals.
From Romania: 2 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 10 copper medals!

In addition, big success also for SmartyKids Russia – among 65 students there are 9 champions!

We would like to thank to all of our participants for the great results they obtained!

It is our pride that SmartyKids brand in Europe becomes a leader in mental arithmetic training!
We remind you that this year the official representative of the international brand SmartyKids for the European Union, Mr. Georgii Rozov, is the official chairman of SAMA Bulgaria and Romania. As an official member of the SAMA Global Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association, SmartyKids had the great opportunity to participate in this large-scale competition organized by the association annually.

About SmartyKids mental arithmetic:

SmartyKids is the most modern children development center. Internationally, over 350 SmartyKids centers operate successfully in 8 countries and the numbers keep increasing. SmartyKids does not provide standard boring lessons and banal methods that turn bright and creative children into a “gray mass”. SmartyKids methodologies include the world’s best-tested teaching practices. The team of teachers strives to make the learning process so exciting that the child is fully committed to the game. This is a trademark for mental arithmetic classes. SmartyKids professionals measure and monitor the process of development of higher mental functions in children. They do not put all children in the same circumstances, so an individual education plan is drawn up for each student.

About SAMA Global:

SAMA Global is the world’s leading organization of mental arithmetic trainers. Its members are from 21 countries around the world. Thanks to the membership in SAMA Global, SmartyKids enables children in Bulgaria, Romania and Russia to compete with peers from many countries. These include Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Armenia, Saudi Arabia, China, Vietnam, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Moldova and other countries.  In conclusion, this is a wonderful opportunity for our members to demonstrate the skills acquired in our center.


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