how to teach your kids numbers“The child does not know the numbers: helpful ideas for parents”

It is often challenging for the child’s brain to perceive the abstract side of mathematics, particularly the meaning behind each number.

That is why we will offer some attractive ways to help you improve the child’s mathematical awareness.

1. Counting and learning numbers through delicacies.

If your child doesn’t know the numbers yet, you should try our yummy method for learning the first 10. Write down the numbers from 1 to 10 on a piece of paper and ask the child to distribute small treats on each number. Then, treat yourself to a job well done!


материали за числата


2. Mathematics of cheerful sticks.

We will use ice cream sticks as a math helper! Draw apples on each stick – from 1 to 10 and mark clothespins with the numbers.
If you would like to teach the child to add and subtract numbers, you can express small actions on the sticks.

For example: “4 apples – 1 apple =”?”, then, the child should put the clip with the inscription “3”. This technique is similar to the abacus. It will also help activate both hemispheres of the child’s brain.


материали за числата


3. The hungry crocodile

We will use ice cream sticks again to recreate the crocodile’s mouth. Put them into the middle. Then, put a different number of small objects like buttons, small balls, or whatever you think, on both sides of the sticks. This way you draw the food for the crocodile. The child should count the small objects and turn the crocodile towards the bigger amount of “food”. It will be helpful for the child to write the examples with numbers or to fill in the sign written in advance on the sheet.


материали за числата

Bonus idea: The clock

Does the child find it difficult to calculate hours and minutes? Here is the solution! Craft this clock from paper and a button, and at random tell the child what time it is – he/she must correctly place the hands using the two colors of numbers. Personalize the clock by creating a field with your child’s name written.


Помагало как детето да научи числата и часовника



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