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Do you enjoy working with children? And what do you think about a business opportunity related to children’s education?

According to Global Industry Analysts, the private training and tutoring market is growing at a rapid pace and by the end of 2022 it will become a $227.2 billion industry. Launching your educational center allows you to engage in a business trend that is going in the right direction.

Education is and will always be of paramount importance to parents. This is one of the main reasons why the aspiration for knowledge will continue to increase in the future. Starting an educational training center gives you the opportunity to improve children’s future every day. At SmartyKids educational centers, our main mission is the intellectual development of children by creating a friendly childhood atmosphere. Each child is unique, so we offer an individual approach to our students to reveal their own talents and help them develop their natural potential. We create an environment that motivates development, creativity, and learning about the world, which helps to manifest the qualities of a successful person.

Why investing in an educational franchise is the right decision?

1. Low-cost starting investment

Starting investment for opening a children’s education center as a franchisee is considerably lower than the amount required for launching a business in another industry. Start-up and operating costs are low, making it an excellent choice for starting a business.

2. High margin

No need for investment in a large number of goods or expensive equipment. The low cost of services allows you to obtain higher income.

3. Recognizable brand

Another great advantage of owning a SmartyKids educational center is that the brand already has an established reputation in the market. Parents already recognize it as a business, which would make it much easier to attract new students to your center.

4. Community Empowerment

An established brand gives you the assurance of a tested model, experienced franchisor, and recognized presence in the communities.
We form a community of entrepreneurs and instructors and create conditions for ongoing training, development, and professional growth.

5. Steady in crisis

Education is a family expense least influenced by crises in the budget of the majority of households. Parents are constantly in need of quality educational services and thus the demand always remains relevant.

6. Flexibility in working hours

Working for yourself gives you the opportunity to determine the level of workload and the hours in which to conduct lessons. You can also conduct classes both in-person and online.

7. Corporate support

The biggest advantage of owning a franchise business is the fact that you do not need to start a business from scratch. As a responsible franchisor, we introduce our partners to the specifics of marketing in the sector to create a representative and engaging advertisement, reaching an audience of customers who are looking for the educational services offered.

8. Marketing assistance

Marketing is essential for attracting customers for any business. With us, you receive comprehensive training related to advertising on social media, complete information about the target audiences, and support materials to guide you on the right path to successful advertising. In addition, each partner has all the necessary marketing materials for online and offline promotion such as brochures, business cards, posters, banners, and more.

9. Teacher training

SmartyKids applies its established training program for teachers at all centers of the chain. The training is intensive and ends with the individual certification of each teacher. Additional training and opportunities for professional development are periodically offered to franchise partners to maintain quality standards in the network and development according to the needs of modern children and parents.

10. Gamification

Both children and educators enjoy working with our colorful teaching materials. Thanks to the gamification the course is fun and exciting and the students become immersed at the very first session. The detailed lesson plans greatly facilitate the teachers’ preparation for the lessons, freeing up their time for more interesting tasks.

Why invest in SmartyKids? Because it is the fastest-growing network of children’s educational centers!

Over 4 years, our network of education centers has expanded

✔️over 350 children’s educational centers SmartyKids operate in 11 countries;
✔️more than 20 000 children are educated in our centers;
✔️our centers employ over 2 000 teachers;

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